Siberian Shilajit

Siberian Shilajit

The practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have been advocating the use of shilajit to boost energy levels and energize the body for more than a millennia.As natural holistic practitioners continue to recommend the use of shilajit, scientific evidence on its benefits continues to grow at a steady pace.

Shilajit improves the functionality of the mitochondria, which in turn provides the body with more energy. Essentially, mitochondria are organelles that convert nutrients and oxygen into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and act as a power source for the cells in the body. Shilajit gives the mitochondria a super boost, helping it to oxygenate cells more efficiently.

In continuation, as Shilajit helps in the amplified production of ATP, the body will feel an overall boost in stamina and energy. It’s for this reason that many athletes turn to shilajit to increase performance.
Another way in which Shilajit provides extra energy to the body is with its high antioxidant mimicking properties. Even though not an antioxidant by itself, shilajit mimics the anti-oxidants superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT), and glutathione peroxidase. Shilajit repairs internal damage to the body by fighting free radicals, atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons.

Studies have shown that shilajit has neuroprotective activity, meaning that it naturally protects brain cells.A study performed in 2013 conducted by the Physiology Research Center at the Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Iran, demonstrated that shilajit has positive effects on brain health and blood-brain barrier permeability.
Furthermore, shilajit has exhibited healthy anxiety response effects.This is because shilajit modifies GABA levels (an amino acid in the brain) to normal.

Shilajit has an added benefit of contributing to the health of systems in the body, including healthy balancing of the hormonal and immune systems. Many who research the properties of shilajit agree that it possesses numerous beneficial properties due to the way it optimizes these systems.
Specifically, shilajit has an effect on the health of reproductive hormone functions. As mentioned previously, Shilajit increases the production of sperm several folds (in healthy males).

In 2010, researchers gathered 35 test subjects who were considered to be infertile.They were each given 200mg of shilajit extract for 90 consecutive days.After the results had been gathered, the researchers compared the data from day 1 to day 90.They noted that the total sperm count amongst the group rose by 61%, sperm quality increased by 37%, and serum testosterone levels increased by 23%. Other results included the increase in hemoglobin and the decrease of oxidative damage. A more recent study in 2015 was undertaken by volunteers between the ages of 45-55 years old.They were given 250mg/ day of shilajit extract for 90 days. It was noted that there was an increase in total testosterone levels by 20% and an increase in free testosterone levels by 19%.

Out of all the methods that are utilized in naturopathy, shilajit has received the most acclaim for helping with a healthy response to pain. Due to its engagement with GABA receptors in the brain, Shilajit has been proven to have a beneficial effect on pain involving the cranial area.

Shilajit was shown to demonstrate radiation protective properties. In 2016 it was successfully proven by a group of researchers.The study was published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics in the issue on June 2016,Volume 293, Issue 6, pp 1255-1262.
The fascinating and also sad part is that the study comes out only 30 years past the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and six years past the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.The Soviet doctors and naturopathy were using mumie ( the Russian word for shilajit) extensively past Chernobyl to normalize health of people exposed to radiation. The most extensive study on radiation protective properties of shilajit was undertaken by a Soviet doctor Kaligin V. I. as a part of his PdD thesis effort. He clearly demonstrated in en Vivo models that genuine shilajit has a clearly defined anti – radiation effect and contributes to the body’s ability to produce higher quality blood.

Shilajit greatly improves bone health.The most notable researcher who studied a connection between bone health and shilajit also known as mumie was Dr.Adil Shakirov. In his research, he demonstrated that the substance would generate healthy bone tissue 18-20 days faster and 2.2 times stronger. Another study was performed in which obese patients were instructed to consume shilajit supplements.The test resulted in reports of an overall improvement to the functionality and healthy regeneration of the participant’s skeletal muscles.

Shilajit promotes a nonspecific healthy response to inflammation. It greatly supports human body’s natural ability to resist daily inflammation which is part of any healthy person’s routine. En Vivo studies have clearly demonstrated that shilajit increases the number of peritoneal macrophages, and is stimulating to the body’s natural response to inflammation.

Shilajit has a unique way in which it reacts with chemical substances. Because of this interaction, it is a health tool, to be integral in breaking addictive habits. For example, it has been found that if a person coming down from an opioid high takes Shilajit, their addiction is lessened and the withdrawal symptoms minimized. 


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