Majnun “Madhava” -Health Elixir bar Alchemist

Majnun “Madhava”  -Health Elixir bar Alchemist

 Madhava has a reputation­­ internationally for trend setting culinary artistry & innovative product formulations.

 From family training in Astrology & study of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda & various holistic modalities he has incorporated this wisdom into original & effective product formulations that have been popular for those attached to gold standard quality. 

Over the years, he has traveled the world extensively consulting for many leading brands such as: Whole Foods & HealthForce & providing Elixirs for Amakua Kava in Maui Hawaii/Elixart in Nevada City+

  Madhava has also trained staff & designed menus for various luxury spas, Indian royalty, various gourmet restaurants, cafes, juice & elixir bars.    


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